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Thread: Putting a new finish on the bathtub

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    Default Putting a new finish on the bathtub

    Anyone have experience with the acrylic finish you use to coat a bathtub to make it look like new?

    Would appreciate any help on this.

    Thank you.

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    i put one of these acrylic finishes on a bathtub in a rental unit of mine -- the kit i used came with a cleaner for the tub, a 2 part epoxy, rollers, gloves. Follow the instructions exactly -- mine is peeling at the tub bottom, possibly because it wasnt cleaned well enough or possibly because of too low of surface temperature during application because the tub was over a basement. The rest of the tub looks and is holding up great.

    The process takes a considerable amount of time because you have to put many thin coats on, letting it dry between -- if you dont, you will definitely have runs in the surface. Figure on at least a day or more, depending on drying conditions.

    Another thing to take into consideration is that the fumes are terrible. I recommend using a respirator, as the fumes made me extremely light headed in the short time it takes to apply one coat, and im a big guy. Proper ventilation is also a must -- not just a bathroom vent fan, but an open window with a fan. I ended up leaving window open in the rest of the apartment to clear out fumes because they were seeping into other units in the building.

    One other thing -- i cant remember how long exactly, but i think the tub could not be used for a week after the application of the epoxy -- just so youre aware.

    Personally, I wish i would have just replaced the tub. In the time that it took to put the stuff on (including time that the tub couldnt be used), and for not much more money, I could have installed a new tub with no runs and no peeling bottom (granted, i would have installed the tub myself).

    Hope this helps.

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    Don't do it, you will be sorry. Never saw an epoxy job that I could live with.

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    The only person who I have heard that liked it was a lady on this forum who had it done professionally and used it rarely. Most people are not happy a year or so later.


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