I have a 60' well, jet pump and welltroll tank. Over time, well pump began running for longer and longer time periods. Someone at the local hardware store suggested I needed a new pressure switch. I bought a low pressure switch with the auto/start/off switch and installed it correctly. It ran constantly and never shut off. I went back and bought another switch, thinking the first one was bad. This time I bought another 30/50 switch but w/o the auto/start/off switch on the side. I installed it and the pump still runs constantly. I currently operate the pump with the indoor circuit breaker until I can figure out the problem. I think the switch is not getting pressure through the 1/4" copper line coming from the pump. I have since cleaned out this 10" long 1/4" and re-installed it but to no avail. Is it possible that there is something clogged in the pump itself? Oh yeah, when the pump is running, pressure seems to build b/c the gauge near the pump climbs until i switch off the breaker and stop the switch. Any ideas out there? Thanks a bunch.