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Thread: Low flow urinal from American Standard and dual flush valve from Sloan.

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    Exclamation Low flow urinal from American Standard and dual flush valve from Sloan.

    I am looking for your opinion about Insbrook Urinal by American Standard and UpperCut dual flush valve by Sloan. Does anybody has positive or negative experience with these fixtures. They are supposed to be install in a high-end 42-story office building but if you have any negative opinion, please share it with me. Thank you.

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    Default megaprojects have megabuck advisors

    have you heard the one about the waterless urinals where the urea ate its way through the copper plumbing? Boy, did that ever smell !

    Ivana you gotta come clean. What is your role in the architectural planning team for this megaproject?


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    Are you working on the Atlantic Yards project?

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    My company in CM on this project and I was asked to do some research. Plumbing forum is the best source of all information.
    I would never recommend waterless urinals, especially on this scale projects(plus not sure if they are approved in NY). Low water consumption battery operated fixture has always some maintenance issue but I was wondering if that is the only one. Dual flush Sloan valve is new on the market and I do not know anything about it except what they have in the spec, nobody I know has any experience with it.


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