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Thread: Replacing tub with tiled shower walls & floor

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    Question Replacing tub with tiled shower walls & floor

    OK, I am posting here for the first time. I have been reading from this forum for a while and have seen some related posts - unfortunately lost all my history in a computer crash.

    We have a fiberglass tub that is old, ugly and impossible to get truly clean. Its out of here!

    The tub spans the full width of a small bathroom (5'). The wall above the tub has a window in the middle about 5 above the floor. I would like to tear out the old tub. Build a small wall extension cutting the space from 5' down to about 3' 8" (at the edge of the window opening or just past it. This would leave a small "linen" shelf opposite of the shower head side.

    The idea then is to build up a small (4") or so ledge and install a shower pan or liner and tile the enclosure. The this would leave a shower stall just a little longer than it is wide.

    Trying to keep costs down, I would rather leave the drain where it is and shape the pan/liner to it even if it means a bit of an odd drainage slope on the floors.

    I'm thinking of doing the tub removal/demo, wall and ledge build up myself then having a plumbing contractor install the pan and prep for the tile which I would also do myself. Alternatively, if I can get the right instructions and materials to do the pan/liner myself, I may do the whole thing.

    Am I crazy to be thinking of this? - I am usually pretty handy when I have the right tools and instructions. This site has been a wealth of knowledge already.

    I would appreciate any advise and or suggestions...



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    Not crazy...
    Some links to check out:
    Great info on tiling

    Info on membrane lined showers...

    Good luck in your project...

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    Default it will work

    and congratulations, you already know a lot !! There are many ways to plan a sloped floor without putting your drain in the center. Post your ideas.


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    couldnt you pour a concrete shower pan, slope it to your existing drain and tile the floor also?

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    You may need to replace the drain anyway. Tub drains are usually 1 1/2" while shower drains are 2".


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