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Thread: PEX and spray polyurethane foam...

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    Default PEX and spray polyurethane foam...

    I like to use Polyurethane foam (Great Stuff, etc.) to fill pipe penetrations. Is there any reason to be concerned about it damaging PEX while it cures. There are warnings on PEX about contact with chemicals. I've googled this and not found any warnings but I would appreciate it if someone who has seen PEX in contact with foam with no problems give me the OK.


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    Pex is known and formulated for its chemical stability. If you're worried about it then just wrap it with a walmart bag or tape or even aluminum foil...then squirt in the great stuff.

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    Post Ask DOW

    Try sending a message to DOW with your question:

    Go to "Contact Us" and there is a form you can fill out and ask a question.

    I recently submitted a question asking if it was recommended to use greatstuff to fill the gaps in hydronic heat pipe penetrations, and they got back to me in a day or two - and said it was fine as long as the temp was under, I think, 240 F.


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