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Thread: Wall hung toilet or drill floor joists

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    Default Wall hung toilet or drill floor joists

    WE are trying to plan for our master bath remodel and are doing the remodel ourselves - unfortunately not enough cash for a builder.

    WE plan to swap a couple of the fixtures ie put toilet where shower is and visa versa.

    The problem we see is that the toilet requires a larger waste pipe than the shower and therefore we can't use the existing pipe for the new toilet. The joists run east west and the new toilet will have to connect to the main stack in a north south direction. The new toilet position will be about 7' away from the main stack.

    WE are trying to avoid having to drill into the joists and then have to add sister joists as it will be impossible to get them to sit on the structural walls below without ripping up the room next to the bathroom etc.The ceiling below is flush with the joists and we do not want to run a a dropped down duct in the ceiling.

    We thought if we go a wall mounted toilet and built a wider ledge wall in the north south direction then we can have the required fall and it will be easier to get the pipe to run across the wall studs.

    Does anyone know if it would be better to cut the joists or to run the toilet waste in a new cavity inside the walls.

    Does anyone know if there would be problems with having the waste pipe run horizontally from the flange rather than straight down.

    Are there any other solutions to our problem.

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    Default toilet

    We cannot see your installation to make a good evaluation, but a wall hung toilet along with its carrier will cost about $800-$1,000. Other than the cost, there is no reason not to do it.

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    Also consider venting when you do this project.

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    Default it will work

    if you use the Geberit carrier, you have to get the one that holds WC bowls made by other manufacturers, as it will allow you to turn the waste pipe to the side. Geberit also makes its own bowl but it requires a slightly different waste configuration and that one has to go down through the floor, and thus through all your joists.

    a vent pipe coming straight down behind the toilet will work, and it won't thicken the half wall any.



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