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Thread: Disconnecting well

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    Default Disconnecting well

    My home was connected to a well, it is now serviced by the town. But the pipes from the well are still connected to the home water supply. There is a motor (pump?), steel tank (holding tank?), and piping that disappears underground.

    I would like to disconnect the well piping from the house water system. What do I need to be aware of with removing the pump & tank? Can I just cap the pipe coming from underground?

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    it depends on the city or towns ordinance . i would just cap it for now as you may want to irrigate with the well in the future , just make sure there are no connections between each system keep them completly seperate . if they require it you may have to have a professional come out and abandon the well with the proper paperwork as well as filling the casing with the proper material for abandonment .


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