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Thread: Water heater drain pan

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    Default Water heater drain pan

    I am just wondering what you guys do to connect the vertical tailpiece/downspout to the galvanized water heater drain pan. The tailpiece is brass, but the pan is galvanized. Is it possible to solder the 2 together using acid flux and regular solder?


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    The T&P is 3/4 threaded brass that will accept a copper male adp. with soldered pipe going to a upright T with a 3" X 1.5" coupling bushed reduced down to 1" into the T. It needs a 2" air gap between 3" PVC and the copper. This is what is required where I am. They don't want the T&P going into the pan incase the T&P leaks the heater would be sitting in water.

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    Default Yes, you can

    Yes you can solder it, just heat slowly to not overheat and blacken the galvanized pan. A always solder them, a buddy of mine silicones his.
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    Thx for the ideas Plumb or Die


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