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Thread: Help! New Bathroom Sink Question

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    Default Help! New Bathroom Sink Question

    I know this has a very simple answer but I have installed a new bathroom sink and vanity. I need to know how to get the little ring that goes around the drain hole in the bottom of the sink tight to the porcelin. I have tightened by hand as much as possible - not enough. It's already 2:45 and I'd love to have a working sink tonight!!!

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    There are proper tools for this job, but you're in a hurry. Jam a pair of long needle-nose pliers down the hole. Have thier jaws open enough to straddle the strainer. Use this like a back up wrench and tighten the nut with a pair of channel locks/pump pliers. Hope you used plumber's putty. Good luck!
    PS If you need more leverage on the needle nose pliers, grip the handles with a crecent wrench.
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