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Thread: system pressure shallow well

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    Default system pressure shallow well

    We have a shallow well (not sure on depth) with a myers HJA50 pump and a GE 1/2 pump 20 40 pressure switch.I replaced the galvanized tank with a new bladder pressure tank and a 30 50 pressure switch. The piping to the tank from the well is 3/4. The pressure would not build past 40 psi. I put in the old pressure switch and lowered the bladder psi to 18 and the pump will shut off. After reading pressure problems on this forum I feel that setup should have no problem getting past 40 psi. Is it possible I have a leak in the well pipe? The pump doesn't loose prime and I'm not sure at it's gpm rate, it is at a cabin so I currently can't test that. Is there a way to test the pipe without removing it. It is in a basement and not sure if I can even do that or should? I would like to add a softner to the system but not sure if I will have enough gpm flow to regenerate it or if the pump will even continue to make to 40 psi next? Any ideas or possible things to check would be aprreciated since I have no internet when I get there so a few ideas on what to check would be great.


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    Your pump is unable to build more pressure because it is at its limit or because it is worn or the water level in the well is lower now than 'usual'.
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    Thanks Gary for the info. Other than making sure the pump parts are all good is there anything else I should check. And if this is the best pressure I can obtain from the setup can I increase the lower startup pressure if I keep the shutoff time between cycles to a minute or more?

    Thanks again

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    You will have trouble adjusting that switch to have much less than a 20 lb. differential. I wouldn't try to max it out because if the water level drops more, the pump won't be able to shut off at all.



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