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Thread: Securing gas pipe

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    Default Securing gas pipe

    In my basement, all the natural gas lines (black pipe) run up in ceiling and are secured to the joist.

    At the end of the line there is a 90 degree elbow which points down towards the floor. Off the elbow hangs about 6 feet of black pipe with a connection at the bottom for the gas dryer.

    This 6 foot of pipe just hangs off the elbow, it is not fastened to the basement wall. The pipe actually has some movement several inches to each side.

    I'm wondering if this was by design? I was thinking of just securing the pipe to the basement wall to prevent it from moving (and maybe cracking the elbow), but then I thought it was left loose to give room for expansion between the basement wall and the joist.

    It has probably been like this for several decades I just noticed because I'm am replacing my electric dryer with a gas model.

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    It probably isn't necessary unless there is a possibility that the leg will be subjected to some pretty heavy duty movement. On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt anything to attach the lower end to the wall to prevent it from moving.

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    It may not be necessary to strap it, but unstrapped it wouldn't pass a proper inspection.


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