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Thread: Cracked PVC pipe tight against pool wall

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    Default Cracked PVC pipe tight against pool wall

    A drain line from the side of my pool cracked right where it comes out of the concrete shell. My plumber has chipped away about as much concrete as we think is prudent to try to get a new coupling on the pipe. That repair still has a slow leak and I dont want to chip down any more to cut the pipe and try again. Are there any tricks for repairing such a pipe. I was thinking about trying to make a coupling that could slide inside the problem joint. Does such a thing already exist? Thanks

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    Default leak

    No. Cut the coupling at the point where the pipe stub ends. Cut, or melt, a groove in the side of the coupling almost down to the pipe. Then use a thin sharp screwdriver to separate the coupling from the pipe.

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    Default Do I have this right?

    So are you saying cut the coupling the long way (ie. in the direction of flow)? When it comes off I'll be left with a letter-c shaped piece, right? I didn't realize this was a posibility. I though the whole point of PVC Cement was to weld the joints making the bond stronger than the pipe itself. I think I'll try this on a dummy joint before I start the real repair. I'll let you know what happened. Thanks for your help.

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    Default oh, I see

    Cut the coupling in half first, THEN cut down through the coupling, so I'll only need to separate the coupling from the remaining stub. Now I got it. Thanks


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