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Thread: Leaking stop valve on sink and toilet

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    Default Leaking stop valve on sink and toilet

    Hi folks.

    I found this bulletin board as I have been remodeling my bathroom. I have spent a lot of time over on John Bridge.

    I finally got the bathroom back together and went to hook up both the sink and the toilet and I have found that the stop valve on both my sink and toilet are leaking when I turn on the supply. They may have been banged around a bit in the 1.4 year project...

    Can someone direct me to a thread that will explain what I can/should do in this situation? Do the stop valves need to be replaced? I have put teflon tape on the nozzles and tightened the screws as tight as they can go...

    Any help is appreciated.



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    The pipe is not leaking where it is attached to the supply tube. It appears that it is leaking from where you turn the supply on.

    Any links to threads that describe how to replace these?

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    Take the valves apart and lube the whole valve stem and put back together and snug that bonnet nut down. It should be able to be compressed now to stop the stem from leaking.

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    Most times you can just get away with tightening up the packing nut ( the nut that the stem comes out of). Also, make sure the valve is all the way open. A lot of older stop valves will leak when they are not fully open.

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    thanks guys!
    i went to the HD today and bought new stop valves. I will try to tighten the packing nut and opening the valve all of the way first. If that doesn't work, I've found some good books and sites on how to change them. doesn't look too hard! THanks for the help!


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    Default yes!

    I opened the valves all of the way and NO LEAKS! Sweet!



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