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Thread: black spots in bathtub

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    Default black spots in bathtub

    I found your site and hope someone out there can help.

    Recently I keep finding black spots in the bathtub, I rub and they smear like mascara. End up getting them out by scrubbing hard, but they are back in other areas the next day.

    Desperate to figure what this is....no black spots in the sink, at all, just the bathtub..........HELP

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    Do you have a water softener? I read about those, possibly causing black spots.

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    Are you on a well?..........

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    If you have an old valve, the rubber washers can break down and let little bits flow out into the tub. The rubber bits can appear as you see them as black spots. It could be as simple as replacing the washers in the faucet to the tub. Or, it could be something else!
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    I found a thread on it already, dated from June 26,05. Just do a search, on this site, typing in--black spots in tub.

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    Default black spots in tub

    Well we do not have a water softener, and we are not on a well.

    We put in a new hot water heater last year.....I will have my husband check it and possibly drain it....

    Any other ideas for the black spots, this is a fairly recent thing....Thanks.

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    We have those spots from time to time as well. For a long time my wife was convinced they were coming from the jets of her jacuzzi tub. When we remodeled the bathroom, we replaced the tub with a non-jetted one, but we're still having the spots. We also installed all new faucets, handles, etc.


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