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Thread: strange problems

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    No, i just don't know what that could have done to the lines. the rain thing is mostly geographic. the area I live in is in the mississippi delta, where its really flat, really sandy, and really close to sea level. The area does not drain well when it rains, the pumps the city uses for pumping sewage to the treatment plant are notourious for going down. Basicly, water runs down hill, my concern is that there's not much of a down hill for ours to go. if it rains a little bit, the streets flood, all the roads are built up around here and the ground stays satuarated for days even after a little rain. Its a big bowl that I live in. I think my problem is just a clog though, because the neighbors don't seem to be having as much difficulty as I am so I called roto rooter today.

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    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents. If you silicone or grout in the toilet leave a weep hole in the back and a small one on each side. Wax rings can fail. If you have a slab floor and its sealed around the base it can get real messy. If you have a wood floor you can have some serious rotting problems.

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    we left a hole in a nonvisable part behind the base and the wall. we didn't do it as a weep hole though, we just left it so that if the toilet did need to come back up, we would have somewhere to get good leverage without scaring the glaze.

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    it did stop raining and the ground has dried out alot, and the problem has stuck around.


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