Hi, me and my husband bought a house and have been redoing it. We replaced everything, new bathtub, new sinks, new toilet. The house is on a concrete slab, so we didn't mess with the drain lines, otherthan what we had to put in above the floor (traps etc). My husband does heat/ac so he sweated the water lines together. We didn't think we were having any problems with our drains because as we were putting everything in and checking for leaks everthing drained fine, the water would run out just as fast as it came from the taps, the toilet flushed fine. Yesterday we hooked the washer up, and it almost immediatly overflowed from the drain, so we assumed we had a clogged drain, so we bought a snake, but when we used it we didn't meet any resistance, but I heard a gurgeling coming from the bathroom, and when I went and looked, our toilet had water bubbeling up out of it, like water boiling thats how forceful it was. When we tried to flush the toilet, it was not draining well, so we filled the bathtub up and tried to drain it, it caused the same bubbles and didn't want to empty. So, we assumed maybe a bird had made a nest in our vent or something, so we bought a bigger snake, one that was flat with a large diameter weight at the end of it. We put it down the vent, and nothing, no resistance nothing. You can even look straight down it and see water in it.
The area we live in is the mississippi delta, the land is really flat and sandy, and its been raining alot lately, is it possible that all the water flooding everything has backed up into my pipe? The neigbors say that when it rains like this their toilets will bubble and their pipes will gurgle. But not like my problems. Or, do I have a problem with tree roots or something like that?
I really need some help.