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    I had a water analysis done in my home - Grain Per Gallon (G.PG.) was 2 - Iron was 0.5 - Ph was 6.0 - Is that a safe perameter? Or, should I get the Kinetico Mach 2060s they recommended for $2,195.00 or $29.50/month rental? Send private if you want, or, email rhorst2000@yahoo.com

    Thanks, Rob

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    I don't know about others but I don't do PMs or email. Others can't learn from them.

    With only 2 gpg of hardness, you don't have enough hardness for a softener, so the salesperson must be wanting to use a softener for the iron.

    Now IF you look into the 6.0 pH, which means your water is acidic and will be dissolving metal from all the metals in the water system including copper tubing, then you should buy a backwashed acid neutralizing filter. If you do, the AN flter will add hardness to the water and then you can go a softener.

    If Kinetico is talking their over-under 'comb' filter/softener version, you'll waste a lot of salt by backwashing the filter with softened water... and regenerating the softener with soft water.

    I wouldn't suggest a twin alternating tank type unless you have a proven need for a twin tank type. A proven need is like no hour and a half during the night when nothing/no one is going to be using water during a softeners regeneration.

    Also, if you need a twin tank type, you can buy one for MUCH LESS than Kinetico's highly proprietary non-electric century's old water powered and highly overpriced softeners. You'll save somewhere around half the price you mentioned.
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