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    Question Washlet

    We are planning to purchase a toto Washlet which will be attached to a replacement toilet. Has anyone had troubles with these? Suggestions and comments based on your experience would be helpful.

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    I have seen some of these. My wife is 44 has one that is built into her toilet. I have said this before here that she has on of those short toilets on her side of the master bath. I have thought about getting one for my crapper but every time I look I see the free blood pressure monitor and start laughing. Most that I have seen are in the $300 to $400 range.

    She loves hers. She says its like tacking a shower every time and will say that it will do things for her that I could only try to do. But hers is part of the toilet not one of the add on ones.

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    I sell quite a few of the Toto Washlets.
    They have been reliable.
    One customer was giving them out as Christmas presents.

    Heck, I gave on to my son-inlaw one Christmas too. He loves it.



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