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Thread: I Need a Soleniod Valve

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    I had posted that question earlier and thank you for confirming.
    Do you think the irigation valve will work ok then?


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    If your going to use a pressure switch, you must have a pressure tank, be it a galvanized or bladder tank.

    You can also use 2 relays to turn on the pump with the control circuit being 24 volts. Wire an irrigation timer into one relay(which is 24 volts) and your float into the other relay from a 24 volt transformer. Jumper the two relays line and loads together and either system will turn on the pump.


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    Unless you have a 2 HP hi cap pump, you do not need a 1.5" valve. I suspect the 12$ Toro or champion or Genie [straight not anti siphon] will flow all you need for 12$ - 1" ... Check your flow and then the rated gpm on the valve box at any hardware store.

    For 24$ you could plumb two in line and get the flow you want with fail safe assurance of water if one valve plugs.

    A few elbows and tees and unions along with the 1" valves could give you more security than one at 70$

    Look for the one made in Nevada, the rest went to mexico and that one seems more durable. Incredibly, the US made one is usually a buck cheaper too.


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