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Thread: Shower valve plaster ground depth.

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    Default Shower valve plaster ground depth.

    Just had a plumber install my new Moentrol shower valve (replaced existing)...The depth of the plaster ground guide is only 1/8" beyond the framing which will make it almost 3/4" short of the finished tile surface.

    If I pop out (2) supply line spacers through the drilled wall studs, I can pull forward the valve to the perfect position, but the 1/2" hot & cold supply lines will be touching the wall framing...Any issues with that?


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    Figure out where the finished wall is going to be and thats where it belongs.

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    I know where it belongs, my question would be if it is ok for the supply lines to "touch" the stub (rub wear).

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    If they're touching wood I don't see a problem... if it bother's you that they might rub then put a clamp on it or remove some of the wood with grinder or chisel.

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    Dave ,

    Moen makes an extension kit for just such a problem. It has longer screws ,trim ring and handle extension.

    You can install at time of trim installation . Or get the plumber back to put the valve body in at the right depth.

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    Doesn't that trim give ONLY 1" extension (no more / no less)? I've pulled the plumbing forward enough that it the plaster ground will be about 3/16" short of being flush w\ the finished surface...Hoping that will be OK.

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