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    Angry Help Please

    I i was wondering if anyone could help me out and point me in the right direction. I have been having some problems with my well/pump. We have been having a pressure issue/ shooting of water out of the faucets. So we changed the bladder tank and the pump...However the pump was 3 months old and needed a rebuild kit already. Now we are still having water issues...If im running the washer water comes out fine but when pump kicks on the water will shoot out and sound like air and water are jerking out but once the pump kicks off the water will flow normally. I have no idea what else could be the problem and people want to charge me 475.00$ just to do a vac test. Whose to say thats even the problem....Dont want anymore money out the window...anyone have any ideas?? also the water in the bathroom is soooo cloudy and when u hold it in the air(in a glass) u can see like steam/smoke coming off of it and its cold water? help me please
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    You probably have an air leak in the suction line of this pump you installed and you have filled the bladder tanks bladder up with air. Now the only place it has to go is into the house.

    I am assuming you bought this tank and pump at a big box store, so there could even be a crack in the pumps suction fitting if it's plastic.



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