Does anyone know if any of the double laundry sinks have a solid center? It may sound silly, but I am putting a laundry/toilet/utility room off the kitchen which is going to be part of the new garage. I had put a 25"x22" Swanstone laundry sink in the current laundry room and that's where my wife gives all of HER dogs their baths. 4 of them are small dogs that fit in perfectly. The 5th one is a Welsh Corgy (she got for ME to ride around with me from job to job), and he doesn't fit. I say just turn him upside down when you want to wash the other end. She doesn't find that amusing.....Anyways, I looked at a Moen Granite kitchen sink that has a bowl that is 30x16x10. That would work. I've measured the Corgy. But my plumber quoted me $485 for it! Ouch. Anyways, back to the laundry sink. If the center of a double laundry sink is solid, I was thinking I could router out the center section and sand/grind down the rest and leave 3/4" so the two bowls stay connected. Does anyone know if this would work?