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Thread: How to replace valve in Moen Posi-Temp?

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    Default How to replace valve in Moen Posi-Temp?


    I have a shower with a Moen fixture that uses the posi-temp valve (10+ years old). There is a vibration and some odd faucet behavior in that the water pressure is much lower when the shower is running hot than when it is set to be cool or cold. An identical shower in my guest bathroom is fine.

    So I bought a replacement valve but am not sure how to install it. Does anyone have details of the process? (The box might be missing instructions).


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    I hope you did not buy a complete valve, because you can repair yours by simply replacing the cartridge. You remove the cartridge by removing the handle and sleeve, pulling out the bronze u-clip, and grasping the stem with pliers and pulling firmly.

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    Default Oh, yes...it is the cartridge I bought

    So the installation is that easy (< 5 minutes)?

    Is there anything special to do when inserting the new cartridge to prevent leaks?

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    Default moen

    just be sure to look at the old one to see if the hot and cold are on the proper sides, since they could be reversed if the plumber needed to interchange them. Then be sure to install the new cartridge the same way.


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