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Thread: Pump/Well problem....

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    Default Pump/Well problem....

    Lately my water will just stop running and it will come back on after about 2 minutes. It does this throughout the day....where should I start first?

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    Start with the pump, tank & switch.

    1. Is it an above ground pump, or a submersible pump?
    2. Is the tank a "bladder" tank?
    3. Is the pressure switch turning on when the pressure drops below the set point, which is typically 30/40 psi?
    4. Do you have a pressure gauge on this system?


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    It is above ground and has a large sediment tank. The pressure gauge does not work.

    Here is a brief description and history....The well is probably about 120 ft deep and single pipe. When I first bought the place the pump cycled constantly....my buddy installed a air relief valve and it seemed to help a bit. Recently I found out he hooked the relief valve to the drain hole so it wasn't doing a thing all that time. Now the relief valve is disconnected completely. I replaced a electronic component a few years back and when I put the drain plug in I cracked the cast iron body. With a little JB weld and rust the crack stopped leaking. So the pump has ran ok for quite some time now....but recently ocassionally I will lose water flow completely for a few minutes and than I get a burst of air and the water begins to flow again. We have had a lot of rain so I am not worried about the well itself...but unsure what I should try first. I really havn't had time to look at it much yet (this weekend). If my tank is heavy (full) should I disconnect and empty....or would this not have anything to do with it?

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    It sounds like you have more problems than just your tank. If the tank is full, it's waterlogged and needs to be drained. If your buddy installed an air relief valve on a waterlogged tank, he did the opposite of what he should have done.

    I always use JB Weld on my repairs.

    You must have an air leak somewhere if your getting bursts of air. And if this thing you called an air relief valve is really an air control, you might be getting air from it.

    I replaced a electronic component a few years back and when I put the drain plug in I cracked the cast iron body.
    I have no idea what your talking about here.


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    I don't know if the tank is full....I'll find out tonight. The relief valve is on the tank itself and a copper tube runs from it but it is not hooked up to the pump right now and hasn't been for quite some time. When he installed it years ago the tank was empty he just attached it to the wrong spot on the pump itself. As far as the component I relplaced it was inside the pump (on the motor) I forget what it was called just a plastic piece with metal contacts...it had burnt out. Now also I had a toilet that would ocassionally run....and it was like that for awhile...I replaced all the guts in the tank the other weekend (however it ocassionally still fills the tank every 20-30 minutes)...anyways I was afraid the cycling might have damaged the pump. But it works fine it just loses pressure completely for a few minutes and than it kicks back on.

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    how many lines are coming into the front of that pump?I know you said single pipe but with a well 120' deep you usualy have a twin pipe jet assembly in it. When you lose your water for a couple of minutes do you hear the pump running?


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    It is definatley one line...the pump is actually sitting upright the the pipe is straight down the well....it looks as though the pump is sitting on the line....and I will double check tonight if it cuts off again...the other day when it did it I ran outside but I didn't hear the pump.....but when I came back inside the water was running again....


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