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Thread: tankless boiler coil

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    Default tankless boiler coil

    I have a boiler with a tankless coil for my domestic hot water. Lately the hot water has been "fading out" and running out to fast. I have read some info on the net that has stated the coil may need to be acid cleaned. Is this something I can do myself? If it is not worth the trouble cleaning can I replace it? I know my way around a wrench and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. Please advise...If there are any net links I should investigate please let me know.


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    Default tankless coil

    if it is old, more than 5 years or has been cleaned already replace it,if not you can get the acid from your local plumbing supply. But that may be more trouble than replacing it if it was not plumbed for cleaning,you need shut offs on the inlet and outlet sides and hose bibs plumbed on both sides so you can isolate the coil and pump the acid through it,also you will need a brass hand pump to pump the acid (see if you can borrow one from a plumber,they are quite expensive) I would replace the coil.

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    Default coil

    A coild can need to be acid treated on the inside, or it can accumulate "debris" on the outside that insulates it from the water. Unless you have a very inexpensive coil, and that would be unusual, cleaning it is always less expensive than replacing.


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