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Thread: Sewer drain from house stopped up

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    Default Sewer drain from house stopped up

    I have a sewer drain that has a broken off piece of pvc pipe wedged about 8 feet from the cleanout cap in the yard. The piece is sitting right in the middle of the pipe and at times clogs up and causes backup.

    Are there any roto-roter tools that will cutup this piece. Do not want to have to dig up...

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Default Broken PVC pipe

    If I understand you correctly, this PVC pipe comes out of the main drain line from a tee or wye joint and at this time serves no function except to gather debris that then clogs the drain. If that is the case, dig it out as deep as possible, clear to the connection to main drain preferably. Then cut it off as square as possible leaving about a 2" stub. Then cement a PVC cap on the stub. Be sure that this is PVC and not ABS or old transite pipe. If it is ABS do the same as above except use and ABS cap and cement. If it's transite, I'm not sure what would cap it short of a no-hub connector, a short length of PCV with a cap. I wouldn't leave any more than necessary out of the main line.

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    I don't have a problem with the pipe. It is the piece of the pipe that has broken off and has gone about 8 feet into the pipe and wedged that I have a problem with. What type of tool can break this piece up.


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