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Thread: toilet stalls when flushed

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    Default toilet stalls when flushed

    Happy New Year all. The tiolet in my guest bath stalls for a few seconds when it is flushed after someone does there business. For instance when the toilet is flushed it sounds normal but the toilet water doesn't move until the bowl fills up with more water then the extra weight forces it down quickly. It never overflows and almost always goes down in a few seconds after flushing. When it's flushed with nothing in it the water goes down very fast. I used a snake to remove any obstruction but there doesn't seem to be anything in there. It doesn't bother us but when we have guest over they get a little freaked out. Nother more frightening than thinking you might have backed up a toilet in your friends or relatives house. Could this be an inherent flaw in some toilet models. The only info I can find on the toilet is it's an american standard 1.6 gpf. I look like a common A.S. toilet. Thanks

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    3 possibilities I can think of:

    1: The trap and/or drain is partially plugged.

    2. The vent needs cleaning out.

    3. It's a result of the toilet design.

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    Default The Solution

    Perhaphs the little holes that the water comes thru Rim Holes are plugged by hard water , try a coat hanger and ream them out and the wash down action will take place

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    Get what is called a "closet auger" and wind it through the toilet, being careful that it goes through the trap. I think the toilet is plugged.

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    It is kinda rare...but I've seen it... bad toilet. I had a very similar but worse case toilet to repair. I pulled the toilet and poured a couple of 5 gal buckets of water down the sewer line to make sure it was not the sewer pipe backing up... in the end replaced the toilet and solved the problem. I've pulled out everything including ball point pens, toys, and crab apples to clear slow toilets.


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