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Thread: Replace shower Plumbing Valve assembly shower head 2 knobs

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    Default Replace shower Plumbing Valve assembly shower head 2 knobs

    Replace shower Plumbing Valve assembly shower head 2 knobs In a fiberglass corner shower shell. What I have is an old leaking rusted shower valve assembly. It leaks from the shower head that is a hand sprayer with a wall mount from the sprayer. It also leaks around the both the hot and cold water wall mount knobs. The cold water knob the sleeve that is against the wall hangs loose.Won't stay put. So I need to replace the shower faucet/knobs/valves behind the fiberglass shell without damaging the fiberglass hopefully? Can I buy the assembly complete? It is called a???

    What is my best plan of attack to get the shower valve assembly out of the fiberglass wall? I need to shut the water off for the building because it being a shower it has no shut off valve like you have for a bathroom sink or toilet. Unless I can turn off the water to that unit by???

    The other side of the fiberglass shower corner shell is a bedroom wall. Yes if a pipe snaps while working in the wall through the fiberglass shell side inside the shower I could get at it
    from the bedroom wall.

    Could I use a slip cap to shut off the water from through the bedroom wall? So I wouldn't have to have the water to the building turned off while I do this repair/replace?

    Is there standard shower plumbing assembly's?
    Or is each booger built custom to the unit?

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    It is called a shower valve. Many brands are available. Delta and Moen are among the favortites. Do not go real cheap, because you do not want to do this again!

    The best way is to cut an access from the bedroom side. That is much easier to patch than the fibreglass/

    The valve may be soldered in place, and the new one may need to be soldered as well.

    I would recommend that you replace your 2 handle unit with a single handle pressure balanced or thermostatic unit. Chrome trim plates are available ( "Smitty Plates") to trim out the 2 holes in your fibreglass.

    Now, shower valves are usually repairable, so before jumping into this project , it may be worthwhile to have a plumber look at it. Of course, if you just want to go all new, that's fine also.

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    It sounds like you just need to repair or replace the valve stems, also replace the valve seats while you have the stems out.

    A new handheld showerhead should alleviate the problems you are having with the old one.

    I wouldn't recommend removing and replacing a shower valve if you don't have the experience.


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