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Thread: Tank location

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    Default Tank location

    What's the furthest distance the tank can be from the well??
    Right now it's like three foot. Is there some sort of rule to go by with
    what equipment I have???
    The well is in the middle of my front yard, so I have this 120 gallon blue tank 100 foot from my house. Eye soar.....
    I thought about building a well house, but that just makes a bigger eye soar.... So can I place the tank near where the water enters the house??
    What's my options?


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    Is it a submersible system?


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    You can place the tanks and switches a mile from the well if need be.

    I try and place my well heads in shallow pits [18 to 24"] with concrete covers for freezing and aesthetics, then do the tanks near the house and electricity.

    This has oddly not been the norm, but its no big leap to move the system.

    I only use a pit if I can run a drain to daylight, otherwise you might need a pitless adapter.

    You might need another wire to the well if you have a submersible 3 wire pump system.

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    When you move the tank just remember to move the pressure switch as well. I dont like to see it myself, but I have seen tanks as far as 200-300 feet from the well with no problems.

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    Remember that the pressure switch needs to be with the tank. So if you move the tank, you may have to add additional wire.



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