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Thread: Connecting metal drain to copper waste pipe

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    Default Connecting metal drain to copper waste pipe

    Hi .. I am pretty new to do it yourself plumbing. I am re-doing a half bath & when removing the sink, the metal drain pipe was so corroded, it broke a few inches beyond the copper waste pipe. How do I get the rest of the metal drain out & subsequently, how do I re-attached the new metal drain to the copper waste pipe? Looks like it is just soldered in?? Does that sound correct?

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    Got any pictures?

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    Pictures will help.
    If it is straight piece of 1.25" chromed drain pipe, you can hacksaw off the corroded section and connect it to a similar piece of pipe from the trap with a rubber coupling with stainless steel hose clamps made for the purpose and acceptable to code (aka Fernco brand name coupling).
    OR saw it off and use a compression slip joint connection on it.
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    Default Fernco

    The Fernco with a rubber sleeve and two clamps is not accepted by codes. It is also a poor way to make the repair. The proper way is to cut the piece out of the drain and then put a new trap onto it. How to do it would require a picture so we know exactly what he is working with.

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    Default thanks for replys

    Thanks for the replys ... I will try to get a picture out here ... basically just a 3 - 4 "" peice of chrome pipe straight sticking out of the copper pipe. The chrome pipe ends just where the curve downward begins to start the P trap. The ens are a jagged mess because of how it snapped.

    thanks -- Jlongo08889

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    Hmmm... trap adapter with appropriate nut & washer (male adapter with nut for 1 1/4" drain pipe)... cut tail piece and add tail piece extension with its appropriate nut and washer. To get the old piece out use something like a punch, chisel, etc. to drive in between the tube & pipe and try to get a bite on it with pliers or vice grips to pull it out... may have to heat pipe with propane torch.
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