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Thread: The best way to add water service

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    Default The best way to add water service

    I am new here.. hence post No. 1... I have started a detached garage and apartment 40 feet from my house. I am on well and septic. I have already installed the waste, and hooked up to the drain field. Inspection passed both building and health.

    The question I am having is how to run water to the detached garage and apartment. I have some people suggesting that I hook up to my existing water in the house, and run that to the garage, and while this seems doable, I am wondering what kind of pressure I will have at the 2nd story of the garage? The other option would be run a new line from the well, however I am not sure if this would require a new well pump??

    any help or suggestions would be grand..

    John from VA

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    Your pressure drop would be based on the length of the run, size of the pipe, and 4.4 PSI for each 10' elevation change. A relatively short run through 1" pipe would see very little pressure loss, for example.

    Since I have no experience with wells, I will await suggestions from others on that.

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    There is immense value is simplicity. One pipe beats a pump, tank, controls, and power like a straight flush beats a pair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob NH
    There is immense value is simplicity....

    Bob, you are so right. That is the way I would like to proceed, however I fear the low pressue. I already have low pressure two floors up in the main house.

    Any suggestions on how to raise the pressure? New pressure vessel?


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