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Thread: problem removing delta faucet in bath

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    Cool problem removing delta faucet in bath

    I have a delta single handle faucet for my bath. There is a pushbutton in faceplate for shower, The unit is about 20 years old. The pushbutton will not stay in anymore and is spraying water from the button. I want to replace the control valve/diverter in wall but am unable to remove the faceplate. There are 2 screws in faceplate and one in handle. I thought faceplate would come off but it appears there is a threaded piece that covers ballvalve in handle that may have to come off first. I tried to remove this but it won't turn. I'm looking for advise on what holds faceplate on. Also is it possible to work from rear of faucet to replace diverter. I would have to cut out a piece of sheetrock or is it better to work from front where tile would have to be removed.

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    Two screws hold the face plate on. Why don't you replace with another Delta of some sort?

    Work partially from the back and partially from the front. Why mess with the wall?

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    I don't know which model of Delta that you have, but you should be able to remove the handle with an Allen wrench and unscrew the ball cover with a pair of channel locks counter-clockwise (use a washcloth to keep from marring it).
    You should be able to repair it from the bath/shower side. The only reason that you need to get at it from the back normally is to replace it.
    Good luck!

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    Smile thanks all

    I tried using a channel lock on ball cover but it would not turn. I was afraid I was doing something wrong so I stopped, the ball and handle were turning instead of just the cover. Now that I know that there is a ball cover screw as well as the 2 screws in cover I'll have to try a little harder without breaking it. (after Christmas) just in case I break something. thanks and Merry Christmas.


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