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Thread: Leaky Pop-up

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    I replaced one of those crappy plastic pop-up assemblies with a nice, brass one. Taped the threads, puttied the flange, etc.. The threads are still wet just under the brass nut that tightens down the rubber gasket and brass washer. I've already tightened the hell out of this nut. The original pop-up was installed by a "licensed plumber" and was also leaking in the same spot. It had leaked so much, the wet putty was oozing out.

    This sink looks like a normal porcelain lav sink on top, but it has an unusual underside--it looks like stone or clay. I'm wondering if there's a defect or imperfection that is causing this. Will a bead of silicone help here?
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    I use pipe dope on the threads above the nut that will be tightened. Enough that the rubber washer has some above it as I am tightning the nut. I never have leaks when I do this but sometimes do when I don't do it.

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    Pull the nut that you are tightening so much and it still leaks loose and run it all the way down. Now roll a ring of plumbers putty and place it on the bottom side of the lav. drain opening, push the rubber washer and friction ring up and run that nut back up. You will squeeze out excess putty. You shouldn't have to tighten the dickens out of it, just snug and and a little bit more..........


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