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Thread: Leak in American Standard single-handle shower valve

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    Default Leak in American Standard single-handle shower valve

    My local plumber installed a valve repair kit and invoiced me $300+ parts+labor, and it STILL LEAKS, worse than before!

    $85 - diagnose
    $85 - pickup ordered part (grrh, ship it to my house..)
    $85 - install valve
    $75 - repair kit

    Now he wants to cut through the wall and replace the whole thing with Moen.
    It will cost me at least another $500.

    All for a small drip, drip, drip !!

    How should I deal with this issue. I just want to pay a fair price for a simple repair!

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    I would be tempted to ask for my money back and call another plumber. I don't know if it's just that I'm good or he's bad but I've never seen a leak that I couldn't fix one way or the other unless the fixture/valve is busted/cracked or badly ate up in which case a good inspection would have told me whether or not to order a repair kit/cartridge or whatever...

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    Did he tell you why it was still leaking. I bet he has the wrong parts or has them in wrong. How old is the valve?


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