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Thread: Something learned from my younger brother

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    Default Something learned from my younger brother

    I hooked up two new lavy faucets yesterday. Before testing them, it is wise to remove the spout aerator. In this case the aerators were factory tightened a bit too much. Not to worry. Some years ago my brother, Todd, came up with a great idea to remove aerators. He cut a piece of 7/8" dishwasher hose and placed it over the aerator, gave ot a twist and it came right off. No scratches and no sweating. One of his simple but effective inventions.

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    I remember reading helpful hints in Mechanix Illustrated some 40 or so years ago... similar scenario .... wrap with a piece of cardboard before putting a pipe wrench or pliers on it.

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    It works on the same principle as the disc of rubber they sell to aid in the removal of jar screw tops. Good idea.


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