Hi there.

We just moved into a new home with a sump pump.

Up until October, it drained into the city sewer, but I guess the former owners were having some plumbing work done, and were told it could not drain there anymore.

So now it drains in the front yard onto the driveway ... which the water obviously freezes.

So the company came out today and said they could bury the drain line underground, but the end of it will have to come up above ground at a 90 degree angle.

They said we will have to make sure that stays clear of snow, etc.,

I guess my question is ... is this the best alternative?

I don't know much, but it seems like we'll be outside clearing it everytime it snows ... We live in southern Ohio and winters can range from very cold to mild, but ...

Is this how you guys would do it? Does this make sense?

Also, we have two pumps. One on the left side of the house and one on the right.

I know one of them works because I see where it drains every day.

The other one I don't know where it drains, but I am pretty sure it has not kicked on in a couple of days.

It hasn't rained in about five days, but I guess my question is ... is it normal that it hasn't kicked on at all, while the other one has.

Thanks in advance.