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Thread: installation of kitchen sink disposer dishwasher

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    Default installation of kitchen sink disposer dishwasher


    I have been trying to find a plumber to install a kitchen sink, dishwasher, and disposer since November. We've gone back and forth a few times with proposals. Each proposal leaves key items unmentioned.

    First it is a 50 year old house. I just bought it 3 months ago.

    Two items:

    In the basement there are old stains on the wall near the vertical drain pipe decending from the kitchen. A clog was probably snaked between 2 and 10 years ago. Licenced Plumber A noticed this.

    A's first proposal involved tearing open the wall and replacing the stub coming out the wall (it's a three-way "Y") and the 3 to 5 foot possibly horizontal feed to the vertical drain pipe and vent from the basement. The drain flows like a champ now with no signs of clogging.

    A friend, Licenced Plumber B, said "No". If it works...
    Just be sure to leave access points for future snaking.
    (Unfortunatly B is far too busy to do the job.)

    I would like the existing traps and under-sink pipe examined and/or replaced (there are signs of prior leaking) and the trap system reworked to revent "gurgling" as one of the two sink bowels empty. -- No mention of this in his quotes.

    When I asked that the dishwasher drain into the disposer knock-out, Plumber A says "this is discouraged due to the fact that the dish washer should drain into other sink to eliminate cross contamination - please call Onondaga Health Department 435-6614 for verification" .

    Whaaat ???? I plan on calling the Health Dept, but I see here and everywhere else to attach the dishwasher to the disposer if a knock-out is available.

    Any thoughts on any of this. I don't know if Plumber A is a genius seeing things others miss or just trying to run up the bill. Plumber A is highly recommended.

    Thanks for any comments / critiques.


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    Default Plbr A

    A is trying to dazzle you with brilliance, but if that fails he is falling back on the baffle you with BS. Regardless of what happened in the past, and he is just guessing, unless it is a problem now there is no need to redo it. If the need should ever occur it can be done at that time. Second, there is no cross connection connecting to the garbage disposer, if it is done correctly, and if there were a problem, connecting to the sink drain is not going to correct it. Wait for B or contact C.


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