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Thread: How do plumbers decide on what to charge?

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    Talking you cant go much lower

    COOKIE ...I cant immagine makeing a pass at the customer daughters.

    or the lady of the house either......

    that is pretty low and that fellow will not last long in any town....

    Their is a small town near Indy , and their is a local small
    town plumber that is a womanizer and word has gotten around .......

    None of the ladies in that community want his truck parked in their


    Now COOKIE ....about your boyfreind....

    Perhaps he just scares the clients so badly that they are afraid
    of going after the bully.... perhaps he has nothing to lose........

    I have found that it is not a very good to get into a

    "Pissing Match" with someone that is insane and psyco too.....

    and has nothing to lose either.....

    I have laid off an employee or two in the past instead of outright fireing them for that very same reason... they were scarey and insane I thought it best to just let them think they got the better of me and make it a blow up into something.

    So maybe its best to just let it pass,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    or on the other hand... disguise your voice

    do the "pay phone gag" on him every few weeks. LOL
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