Great Question.

A few days earlier on 4/5/2013 I received a written quotation for a 5’x5’ bathroom remodel. The plumber wrote and discussed the estimate in insufficient detail. In other words there was no way to understand the scope of time, travel and work relative to the estimated line item cost of the project. I will not use this plumbing company and I will need to shop for another licensed and insured plumbing company.

It is so simple to receive a useful quotation from a trades person once the trades person understands that the owner needs a reasonable breakdown of costs. The quotation should include separate line items for expenses, material, labor, overhead and profit. If the plumbing company’s hourly rate for its plumber is 42.00/ hour with a 4 hour minimum it should state the same in the estimate. Owners are not adverse to paying reasonable charges that are described in sufficient detail. Detailed estimates afford owners a level of comfort that allows the owner to move forward without shopping the competition.

Frank Cervoni