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Thread: How do plumbers decide on what to charge?

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    What most people don't understand is just how much it costs to do business. Vehicle purchase and maintenance, insurance, licensing, employees and benefits, advertising, phone bills, office staff, accounting, continuing education, rent or mortgage on office & shop, inventory, tool replacement etc. How about my time in the trade?

    We charge $1xx.00 per hour for a licensed mechanic and an apprentice dressed in company T shirts, clean shaven, no tattoos, no piercings, non smokers. We come to the job in a clean, well maintained truck stocked to handle anything we come across on a regular basis, pumps 5 & 7 gpm 1/2, 3/4 & 1hp. Wire, 12/2, 12/3, 10/2, 10/3. Drop pipe, pressure switches, control boxes, gauges. fittings, tools, UP Z DAZY, generator, welder, torches, casing etc. Because we keep the truck stocked, we typically have the job done before the competition gets back from the supply house. We NEVER leave a mess behind or puddles of water on the floor.

    We always collect (check or credit card) before we leave the job, if there any issues that is the time to deal with them. Rarely do we get complaints about the work or the price, in fact most people can't wait to ask for business cards for friends and family.
    Yep. Office space, multi-list fees, E&O insurance, phones, office supplies, continuing ed, advertising, web space, gas, wear & tear on my car, and my stilettos. ( shoes) lol. I am sure... I am overlooking some fees, oh, yes, when the time for the closing comes? There are those who come up short and our commissions get reduced to just close the deal. Afterwards, a nice parting gift ( thank you gift), so, also, postal charges. Oh, yes, the lunches. Dinners. Drinks. Yes, these are tax deductioins, but, you still lose money. There isn't a profession that I know of that is not without imperfections. The cost basis is always higher than one would want and the profit less than you desire.

    ...and, jobs always comes with injuries, accidents, and less than wanted happenings. I have fallen off decks, fallen UP stairs, out of attics, in holes in yards, I met with some nasty looking spiders and big-eyed rodents, (some humans); I have doors open in my face, closed in my face, been yelled at, sworn at, cursed at all over pricing; I have held client's babies for them and got peed on, pooped on, and puked on. Believe me, it may all sound funny, but, I earn that buck I chase.
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