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Thread: Winstall.exe - helpp!!

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    Hi everebody
    My computer was infected with a trojan virus today, from a link from someone on msn messenger. I ran AVG Free and the virus went to the vault, which i have deleted and all seems to be running fine now. however, i've had to vault it three times. when I restart, the virus seems to reappear. but my computer is running fine.


    there is an icon on my desktop titled winstall.exe which when scanned doesn't contain a virus, but I have just had a quick scan thru some stuff on the internet and get the idea that its a nasty little program that lets other nasty stuff infect my computer I can't delete it, and in fact, am not sure if this is accurate and am a little worried its an important windows file i shouldnt be deleting at all.

    I've now installed Avira Antivir as well, as a double up safety precaution, but no spyware detection programs as yet (I'm not even sure if I'm wording that correctly..)

    Thank you

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    There are a lot of very sharp people here when it comes to virus and malware problems. They also put out a great newsletter with links to all kinds of free software. It's the Forum of the newsletter that I am sending you to. Post a question and see what kind of feedback you get.



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    Sounds like spy sheriff. Down load and run spybot and if it is there it will remove it.

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    Talking go get SPYWARE DOCTOR

    If you want to save yourself a lot of greif

    just go to OFFICE DEPOT and but that program.....

    I got myself into a mess about 2 months ago....

    the free Mcaffe spyware I get from my comcast account could not even
    touch this one.....

    something attacked my computor and actually tried to invade my

    company books...tried to mess with my pass word .....

    I shut the whole thing down before it made my pc totally crash.....

    this program cost me about 30 bucks and comes with free updates
    for a year......and it cleaned it up real nicely

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    Actually Mark, there are free alternatives for cleaning up Malware. Just going out and purchasing a program will not totally clean a malware ridden system.

    A couple of forums for help in Malware are: http://www.malwareteks.com http://forums.majorgeeks.com http://dslreports.com

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    I'm running free versions of E-Trust EZ Antivirus and Pest Patrol, as well as a free version of Spyware Doctor. That combination has kept me virus-free. The Norton, which I paid for, was useless.
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