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Thread: air and ejector pump

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    Default air and ejector pump


    There is an ejector pump and basin that is installed in the basement. The issue is that there is air that is being sucked in from the drains. Sounds like when you unclog a drain. I think that when it was installed an air hole was never made.? Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

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    Default pump

    The air hole is to keep the pump itself from getting airlocked when it pumps too much water out of the pit. I cannot tell what sound you are hearing, unless it is the switch not shutting the pump promptly off so it does start to suck a mixture of air and water.

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    Talking no vent??

    it sounds like you have not have a proper vent

    if it is sucking the traps dry when it runs...

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    I thought it was pipped into the main vent, but now I am guessing it is not. I think it will be difficult to run a seperate vent because of its location. Any idea what I can do? I do not have any problem with gas escaping. Thanks for the help.

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    OK. I found that the ejector pump was not vented properly and I was wondering since it sits near the waste pipe that leads out to the street if I could tie it into that? The rest of the house is tied into a vent stack that leads to the roof.

    I would prefer not to use an AAV. Thanks.

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    You can not use and AAV as it wil not work right.

    You also can not tie into a waste line. You need to find / run a vent to the outside.

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    The only place I can run a vent to the ouside is through the side of the house. May not be the most appealing but that is what I will do. What size vent pipe do you recommend? The ejector pump has a slop sink, sink, shower, toilet and washer running off it.


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