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Thread: Tough Antique sink question...

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    The 1.5 inch diameter hole seems large enought to get a Dremel flex shaft with fiberglass cut off wheel into, to make a single cut in the nut. If too big, "use" it on something else until the wheel does fit.

    If not, think of making a two piece tool: a U shaped piece of, say, square steel stock to get through the hole and grab two of the tangs, this piece to be turned by another slotted pipe, rod or maybe even a pair of pliers. The U shape piece's "legs" would, of course, have to be shorter than the distance between the two inside walls. Or, make it more of a segmented V that's narrower at the top than the bottom, and it could stick out the hole. I'd consider cutting up an open end wrench to form the tool. Those with brass gonads might use a Craftsman, and return it for free replacement.

    And you should already be soaking it with PB Blaster.

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    Default I'm still working on this

    So I don't want it to fall off the list.


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