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    Enlarging Holes Around Existing Pipes

    My water pipes have been making a loud ticking, tapping sound since we moved into our new house a year ago. The ceiling is now opened up and I've been able to fix a few spots, yet there's one spot...
  2. I've found Brasso works great on stainless steal...

    I've found Brasso works great on stainless steal appliances, including sinks - removed a nasty patch of scratches no problem. Not sure if it'd work on cast iron. Picked mine up at Home Depot.
  3. Water Pipes Making a Loud Ticking, Popping Sound

    I understand this to be a common issue, yet I'm trying to work w/ my builder to get our pipes fixed, and wanted to make sure I have a right to force the issue - they've been dragging their feet so...
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