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  1. after 7 years

    It must be the T&P.. cuz I have had the house for 7 years with the same water pressure.. and never had any problems.. just this started last week.. Unless somehow I got stronger h20 pressure ..

  2. connected to the top

    Yes it is connected to the top of the heater not the bottom (drain valve).. It is coming out of the top..

    So is this a major problem then? Or shoudl it be easily fixed by a plumber?
  3. hot water hearter (tank) has drain to outside and is dripping.

    My hot water heater is under the house, in a crawl space, and it has a hose connected to it that leads to the outside of the structure. It is a small 1/2 inch hose, or so, and extends about 6"...
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