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    another Drake customer.

    happy so far with DRAKE purchase.

    It met all the needs below. thanks for this wonderful forum and it's dedicated & supporting members.

    visited Dallas Plumbing (&Kitchen) company, the...
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    thanks folks. between Drake & Drake-II, is...

    thanks folks.

    between Drake & Drake-II, is the only difference "dual-flush" ? Forgot to mention, i am looking for a water-sense toilet (for the rebate programe).

    found this list, browsing...
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    Toilet suggestions - replacing Caroma

    Greetings !

    ready to replace CAROMA 305, after one year of use. the negatives are forcing me to replace it.

    kindly suggest a good replacement .

    Caroma 305 has couple of negatives,...
  4. update--

    quick update.

    Found a way out , to keep the porcelain clean,

    Before using the toilet , we flush it, (the Min-Flush) , drop folded toilet-papers around the porcelain wall

    this sure a...
  5. thank you

    thank you very much. appreciate the inputs.
  6. replace?

    thank you for the info. Its only 3 days old, will local-hardware store take it back, and replace it for TOTO models. (iam hesitant to do this, but iam dissatisfied with the product)
  7. thanks

    thanks for the info, What model of DRAKE do you recommend.
  8. issue with CAROMA 305 DUAL FLUSH

    installed CAROMA 305 DUAL FLUSH few days back.

    one bigggg issue is , the "water level" in the BOWL (not the tank), is so low, the porcelain gets dirty, and requires cleaning,

    the "water"...
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