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    The silicone needs to be put on heavy so that the...

    The silicone needs to be put on heavy so that the faucet swivels.
    It is what seals above and below the chamber that feeds the spout.

    I take it there is no bad news anyone has heard.
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    Safety of silicone in faucet fittings?

    I have done a repair on a swiveling kitchen faucet.
    The failure was in the O-rings around the swiveling center supply post.

    The O-rings are lubricated and sealed(?) with silicone that came with...
  3. The trap is a 'P' trap. I did not know drum traps...

    The trap is a 'P' trap. I did not know drum traps existed before.
    There is no clean out plug.
    I suppose the 3/8" snake was binding. I will leave well enough alone for now, or until I can try a...
  4. Can a 60 year old steel trap rust inside and block a plumbing snake?

    I have a tub drain that stopped on me. The tub drain has stopped a few times but usually I get it cleared with some plunging. This is the first time I have ever snaked the tub drain.

    I opened the...
  5. Bulls Eye. Thank you. I pressed putty in the...

    Bulls Eye.
    Thank you.

    I pressed putty in the threads of the drain pipe that passed through the rubber compression ring and smeared putty onto the top of the compression ring.
    No more drips.
  6. lavatory drain leak below integral lav/counter at top rubber gasket

    I have installed a new (plastic) pop-up drain with overflow into a integral lavatory and counter fixture.

    The plastic gave me some fits getting the drain fittings aligned to not leak, but I...
  7. tub overflow pipe won't budge to replace gasket

    I've done a couple overflow gasket replacements and there is always some flex in the pipe to pull out the old overflow gasket and replace it.

    The tub in question is a cast iron niche tub from 1965...
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    7 new joints and no leaks - solder technique

    After several horrific problems with soldering copper joints over my head, getting responses from this forum and searching the internet in general and You Tube specifically I modified my technic and...
  9. fluid dynamics - constrictions in gate valves

    This is something that nags at me whenever I install a gate valve.

    If I have a 3/4" copper supply that goes into a gate valve the valve body cuts the pipe ID in half (or more).

    Why isn't there...
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    waterproofing under tub

    I have seen enough water damaged wood and cracked tile in old bathrooms to want to waterproof under the tub during my remodel.

    After a lot of exercise, Schluter's Ditra looks like it will handle...
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    soldering giving me problems ...

    I've soldered a few small jobs in the past but now am having problems.

    I feel I am missing something basic that did not come into play on my previous work.
    I'm assembling 3/4 and 1/2 copper...
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    sweating copper pipe - flux shelf life

    Does plumbing flux go bad?

    I have a can of Oatey 95 that looks a bit separated.
    Flux is supposed to be stirred any way isn't it?

    I back checked on the Oatey site and they give the product a 2...
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    I'm not sure how I got into this line of posts...

    I'm not sure how I got into this line of posts since I started a new thread but they seem to answer the question.

    I have the impression cast iron is brittle. How brittle it is I am clueless.
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    rotating into place retrofit 5 foot niche tub

    I have a typical 5x8 bathroom. The door opens on the narrow end and the tub is across the opposite wall.

    I was thinking of replacing the tub but haven't figure how the new tub could be brought...
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    compression fitting keeps dripping

    I replaced a outside hose bib by cutting it off inside the wall and building a new hose bid with pipe to fit back to the cut. I connected the pipe ends with a compression fitting since it a difficult...
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    reuse of tub/shower valve body

    I'm renovating a bathroom and relocating fixtures.

    In the case of the tub I am not happy with the new anti-scald valves and want to reuse the existing tub/shower valve body.

    1) As I understand...
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    valve seat

    The comments have left the body of my experience.

    There is what I would call a valve seat that fits between the washer and the valve housing. It does come out and may, if not so old as to be...
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    hot water valve washer

    I have replaced the hot water valve washer on the tub about every two - three years for the last 15.

    I have ground down the base to make sure it is smooth.

    I have been using washers from a...
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    porcelain tub refinish - POR-15, Whitecote

    Have you had any experience with POR-15's Whitecote product in repairing and refinishing a cast iron sink or tub?

    I have had great success with POR-15 in rust restoration on my car and do not have...
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    How would you join the seams in the Kerdi to...

    How would you join the seams in the Kerdi to create a waterproof tub?
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    wax ring round two

    Well I was cleaning up the papers I had on the floor to register drips under the tank and the stop cock and though they were dry on top the bottom was wet.

    The toilet was still leaking but decided...
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    wax ring with horn and ... ghosts

    I went back to the hardware store and got a wax ring without horn and in looking at the wax ring with horn I can see how the funnel would restrict water flow and the plastic itself might collapse...
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    Why no wax ring with horn?

    Can you explain why the horn is a bad idea?

    The ring I removed had a horn.

    Would the horn be trapping waste around the top contributing to corrosion around the top or is this a typical spot for...
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    wax ring repair failure

    I just finished pulling, replacing wax ring w/ horn, leveling toilet and now the leak is on the opposite side.

    I did three things that may be suspect:
    1) I didn't scrub the toilet and flange...
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