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    Cottage heat choices

    800 sq ft northern Michigan cottage. Trying to decide on 9 baseboard heaters controlled by 3 thermostats, or one central electrical furnace unit. Ducts have to go thru uninsulated attic above...
  2. How To Install A Portable Air Conditioner Venting Thru A Casement Crank Window

    How can you vent a one or two vent hose from a portable room air conditioner thru a casement crank style window providing a water tight seal. Window is in a upstairs bedroom.

    Are the two vent line...
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    Septic Tank Cleanout SHOVEL?

    Have a 300 gallon septic tank that needs some of the debris removed from the bottom of the tank (not the usual pumped out stuff).

    Have heard that there is an "angled shovel" made expressly for...
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    Toilet Choice for Small Cottage

    Renovating the bathroom at our small 800 sq. ft. cottage, which uses a septic field.

    I am undecided about whether to use a new 1.6 gallon flush, or the old 3.? gallon flush. If available is a...
  5. Thread: Vent sizing

    by chuck b

    Vent sizing

    Doing DWV for 800' square foot cottage with a septic system. Need to know if 2" vents will be acceptable (with 3" PVC PIPE 1' below and above roof line) for the following:

    Full Bath: Toilet,...
  6. Electric vs. Propane 50 Gallon Water Heater for Small Cottage

    Cottage is being renovated and plumbed from scratch. Natural gas not available, but propane is. However, would prefer electric fired water heater.

    Cottage to serve my wife and I in retirement...
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    Afci & gfci on same circuit??

    Wiring small cottage. Wish to have benefit of an Arc Fault Circuit Breaker for the wiring on the way to the GFCI protected bathroom from the panel. Is that advisable, effective and safe?
  8. 50-Gallon Electric Water Heater Selection Advice

    Will purchase the above size water heater for my cottage. Going with the 50-gallon as I have a large whirlpool tub. The models are offered with a 6, 9 or 12 year warranty. Is longer better re:...
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    Rough drain PVC wall opening heights - slope

    Installing a new DWV system (sch. 40 pvc) in my small cottage. Need to know the centerline of the rough drain heights (stub outs) for the:
    kitchen sink (and is there a separate height for the...
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    Thanks terry

    Hi Terry,

    Great chance to say how interesting and instructive this forum has been. Thanks! Chuck
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    DWV Cottage Rough In Questions

    RE: 800 square foot Northern Michigan Cottage

    Hi Guys,

    Preparing to rough in the DWV System in advance of the new Septic Field installation. The inadequate old DWV system has been removed and...
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    Bathroom GFI Receptacle and Light Wiring

    Wiring a new cottage (Michigan) bathroom. The local code requires that a 20-amp receptacle be installed that is GFCI protected and that no other receptacles are on this line. Can I use a 15-amp...
  13. Thanks

    Hi Jim, Thanks - understand it now! Chuck B.
  14. Still confused - Baseboard Heater Parallel wiring

    Hi Jim,

    thanks for the reply. Still need a simple diagramatic explanation.

    A white and black, both hot come from the thermostat. There are two blacks in the 1st heater, and a black and white...
  15. Wiring Multiple Wall Thermostat Controlled (Cadet) 240v Baseboard Heaters

    I have correctly wired a single 240v heater from a thermostat in my home, but in my cottage I wish to control several baseboard heaters with a single wall thermostat. In a 240v 20-amp circuit, I...
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    Transitioning DWV Thinwall to Sch. 40

    Can I use thinwall (so that I can use 2 x 4 walls) for venting, and attach Sch. 40 lav / kitchen drains to the thinwall vent/drain, and then transition to Sch. 40 under the crawl space?

  17. 3/4" Copper UNION - Use Teflon Tape or Pipe Dope?

    3/4" Copper UNION - Use Teflon Tape or Pipe Dope (after sweating the two ends)? Or do you just tighten the nuts. Thanks!
  18. and would I use teflon tape where the brass...

    and would I use teflon tape where the brass nipple screws into the galvanized fitting, and then again where the copper meets the other end...or is pipe dope preferable? thanks!
  19. Joining Dissimilar Metal Pipes - Out of New Well and Expansion Tank

    Have just had a new well drilled and a line run into my small northern Michigan cottage. As the line enters the cabin, it branches off to a stainless steel expansion tank and then to a water shutoff...
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    Guess the GFCI makes sense, but are you saying...

    Guess the GFCI makes sense, but are you saying that the AFCI usage is in question? I did not mention that the wires for the AFCI are not new, and I am concerned that until I get the chance to take...
  21. Thanks. Even though the copper pipes transition...

    Thanks. Even though the copper pipes transition to pvc and not to a cement in floor pipe ground like homes with a city water supply? Guessing that the metal bathroom bond does continue with an...
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    Afci circuit with gfi extension cord?

    Hi! I have rewired my enitire 800 sq. ft. cottage to code. Interior non-GFI protected circuits are wired on breaker AFCI's (non bathroom, kitchen, laundry, exterior circuits). I am thinking that...
  23. Grounding Whirlpool Tub Motor and Heater - Bonding Panel to Electric Water Heater

    Hello! Installing the above. Water comes from a well which supplies our small seasonal cottage through a pvc pipe into the cottage which transitions to copper by the expansion tank. I then...
  24. New Carrier Natural Gas Furnace - Noisy during ignition

    Since I intend to sell my home when the market rebounds (hope I live long enough), I purchased a new Carrier natural gas furnace. I chose the least expensive as I am hoping to leave as soon as I...
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    Bacteria Issues - New Well

    Just had a new well drilled for my cottage located in Northern Michigan. Was on a shared well previously. Used the continuous variable speed power pump and am happy with that. However, after...
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