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  1. I ended up having the Fleck 7000 unit installed...

    I ended up having the Fleck 7000 unit installed w/2.5 cu ft of resin. I requested the Purolite C100E resin, but when the installer showed up, he had brought the SST-60 so I ended up getting that...
  2. Follow-up

    Actually, it is 3/4" in a very large house with 4.5 bathrooms, 2 jacuzzi tubs, 4 showers, a bar, 2 kitchen sinks, 2 dishwashers, and two large 75 gallon water heaters. It is emblematic of some of the...
  3. Another "I need advise about a water softener" thread


    I am in need of water softener for a new house and I need some help from the learned members of this forum.

    Here are my specifics:
    Hardness: 21 gpg
    Cl: < 1ppm
    Fe: 0ppm (~2.26 ppB)...
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