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    wall sconce rough-in height?

    is there a typical rough-in height for the junction box for a wall sconce. i realize there are many styles and we haven't selected our fixtures yet. thanx
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    washer rough-in height

    what is the correct rough-in height for h2o supply/ drain box for the newer style front loading washing machines that set on a 15" to 18" base?
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    low cost radiant heat?

    we are building our retirement home. i will be installing an insulated hot water circulating loop with a gundfos circulating pump. i am using cpvc. near the end of the return (and above) is the...
  4. lineset installed below concrete & motorized dampers

    Is there any way a lineset can be installed under concrete? i've been told both yes and no and don't know who to believe. we are building on a hillside and the lower level floor is 3 to 4 feet above...
  5. hot water circulating loop question.

    building a home. i will be installing a hot water circulating loop with a dedicated return. i am using cpvc. near the end of the return (and above) is the master bath shower. this is directly above...
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    cisten pump sizing

    Hello, I am looking for the following information. Can you help or at least point me in the right direction?
    Sizing of pump and tank.
    I am building a new home in a rural area that has a poor...
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